MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver Review

This is our review of the MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver. This is a very popular choice for many UK online buyers. There are three main reasons why this model from the MYLEK brand is so highly popular:

  1. Great value for money and affordable
  2. Good quality and gets high buyer ratings (88% buyer satisfaction)
  3. Comes with a nice range of very useful accessories
MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver UK Review

When you tick all of those three boxes, then the chances are that you are going to sell a lot of products. That has proved to be the case for this MYLEK model. 

This particular cordless drill/driver is just a very useful tool to have, for a wide variety of jobs around the home.

It comes with a 13 piece drill and bit set. The basic kit though is enough to be able to do about 90% of all the DIY jobs around the home and garden.

How Buyers Rate the MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill

As we mentioned at the beginning this MYLEK drill/driver has sold a lot. When we checked online for the buyer reviews, we found over 1,500 of those

They have been left by buyers who have bought this product, used it, and then taken the time to leave a review.

Overall they have given this MYLEK model an average buyer satisfaction rating of 88%. So you can tell from that rating, that this is a high quality product, that buyers clearly like and don't mind spending their money on.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • 72% of all online buyers gave this one a full 5 star rating
  • 8% of all buyers gave this one a bad rating

MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver Specification and What That Means

Just below we have included the main specification details. More importantly we explain what that means in case you are not sure of what each function can do. If you already know what the various specifications are, then just skip to the next section where we show what buyers said, and why they said it.

MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver Specification
  • Size - 30 x 24.5 x 10.2 cm and weighs 2.2 Kg
  • Powered by an 18 volt Li-Ion battery - This model uses an 18V 1300 mAh Li-IOn battery pack
  • Variable Speed - You need to use different speeds for drilling into different types of materials.
  • 2-Speed Gearbox - This provides you with a much better range of torque options. 19 torque settings in total o this MYLEK drill model
  • LED Work light - This comes on automatically during the drilling or driving process. It is really useful when working somewhere that the light is limited. Inside cupboards etc is a good example of that
  • Twin Sleeve 10 mm Keyless Chuck - This allows for fast changing of drill bits and screw driving bits
  • Has forward and reverse functions - Useful for driving home screws and when in reverse mode to take the screws out
  • Safety Quick Stop - Helps save on battery power, and also helps reduce accidents from a spinning chuck
  • Accessories - Contains a case, 6 twist drills, 6 screwdriver bits and bit holders
  • No Load Speed - 0-400 MIN, 0-1400 MIN
  • Torque Settings -  19, Max torque 28N.m
  • Guarantee - this Terratek 18V drill/driver comes with a 12 month guarantee

What Buyers Said About this Drill

Buyer Satisfaction

With an average buyer satisfaction of 88% it is pretty clear that the majority of buyers had good things to say about this drill/driver. 

Pros & Cons Table

Below we have created a pros and cons table of what buyers really had to say about this particular MYTEK model.


  • 72% of all buyers gave this drill/driver a full 5 star review
  • The majority of buyers said this was great value for money
  • Buyers said this was a good choice for light drilling and driving jobs
  • Takes about 1 hour to fully charge the battery and that is fast
  • Comes with the basic screwdriver bits and bit holders
  • Works well for an inexpensive drill/driver


  • 8% of all buyers gave this one a bad review
  • A few buyers said this was under powered and the battery was not that great
  • Some buyers said the drilling capability is poor

Our Verdict on the MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver

Buyers clearly like this MYLEK model. We believe this one works well for light domestic use. It is not a top of the range drill/driver with all the bells and whistles.

It is a basic drill at an affordable price and will be suitable for some jobs around the home and garden.

If you are looking for a good drill/driver and are on a tight budget, then this model is as good as anything else currently available on the UK market.

There are not a lot of bad reviews about this model and that is always a good thing to see. Those that did complain, did so mainly about the weakness of the drilling power, and there were a couple of complaints about the charger and the battery.

This is a well priced drill and the accessories that you get with it are enough to get you started. Do not buy this Mytek drill if you are looking for a more robust or heavy duty drill.

This one is not suitable for drilling through masonry, and it is not going to be that effective on drilling or driving through the harder woods like mahogany.

If this is not the right drill/driver for you then check out our best cordless drills by clicking here, or our list of the best cordless drills under £50 by clicking here.

With this one you get the low price, but will have to live with the limitations of this drill. The torque on this MYTEK model is decent and it certainly has some nice features such as the LED light and the sleeveless chuck.

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I am a retired construction worker and I also happen to love power tools. I have used hundreds over the years and offer my opinions on them here.

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  1. Pros:
    Neat size, great for getting into tight spaces.
    Very responsive gradual increase in drill speed, better than any drill I have used.
    Incredible value.

    Uncomfortably strong pressure required to pull the trigger.

  2. Hi

    I have a Mylek 18V cordless drill and I need a charger, do you supply them or do you know if another brand of charger which will work..

    Thank You


    1. Hi Paul, we are a product review site so we don’t supply products or accessories. This MYLEK brand use a BS Plug Charger. We would recommend ringing MYLEK on 0800 811 9464. They are open Mon-Fri from 9-5

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