Makita DHR202Z Cordless Drill Review

This is our review of the Makita DHR202Z cordless drill. This is a rotary hammer drill making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to be able to drill through any type of material.

That fact that it is a hammer action drill, also means that you will be able to drill through concrete, and all types of masonry. It is suitable for SDS and it is of course cordless, operation off a Lithium Ion battery.

This one has an average Retail price of around £270. Although much higher than we would like to see, we still think this one ticks the value for money box. It is a very good brand, and it is a very well engineered drill.

How Do Buyers Rate the Makita DHR202Z?

Buyer Satisfaction

One good way of finding out about a drill/driver kit is to look at the actual buyer reviews. These are very useful as people have bought this drill, used it and then taken the time to leave a review.

Overall this one has achieved a hugely impressive 98%. It is actually really hard to find anything with a higher buyer rating than this model from Makita.

Makita DHR202Z Cordless Drill

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Who Would Buy this Makita Model?

This is not a drill that most home owners will ever need. This is one designed for really heavy duty work. Perhaps serious DIY people, would make good use of it, or those working on bigger home and garden projects.

In the main though Makita tools are used by professionals and the self-employed working in the building and construction trades.

This model is their best rated cordless SDS rotary hammer drill. There are  plenty of online reviews that testify to that. It is at a good price and very high quality, as testified to by real life buyers and users.

Important Features of the Makita DHR202Z SDS Plus

  • 18 Volt body only drill
  • 3 - mode switch for hammering only, rotation only or hammering with rotation
  • Weighs 3.5 Kg and that is lighter than many of its counterparts
  • Measures 25.4 x 10.2 x 35.9 cm 
  • Needs an 18 Volt Lithium Ion Makita battery (Use either Makita BL1830 or BL1840 batteries)
  • No load speed of 0-1100 RPM and 0-4,000 blows per minute on the hammer action
  • LED job light to help light up and be able to see the area that you are working on.

Key Features Worth A Mention

Drilling Capability

With some ease this drill can get through steel, masonry and wood. It is very powerful and the batteries last long enough to get most jobs done. These are also fast charge batteries. Ideally you should have two of these, so as one is working, while the other is charging.


The drill has both forward and reverse rotation, and comes fitted with an electric brake. It also has a job light, a side handle and a depth stop.

What Buyers Liked About the Makita DHR202Z SDS Plus

  • Can be used for stitch drilling and knocking down walls
  • It chases through really well
  • Goes through concrete and bricks like a knife through butter
  • An impressive cordless SDS drill from a very reputable brand

What Buyers Did Not Like About the Makita DHR202Z

  • 2 buyers said it stopped working quickly and had to get the drill replaced and the second one worked as it should have

Pros & Cons Summary

When I read through the many reviews it is pretty clear to see that this drill does exactly what it is supposed to. In the main people tended to sue this one  for a range of demolition jobs, and all of them had great success doing that.

This is also a good one to pick if you are renovating a home, as it can perform a wide range of drilling jobs.

Our Conclusion & Recommendation

This is one of their best in range and buyers support this by giving it a very high rating and is a popular choice in the entire Makita range. If you need a high quality cordless SDS drill for heavier use around the home and garden, then this is about as good as it gets.

About the author cordy

I am a retired construction worker and I also happen to love power tools. I have used hundreds over the years and offer my opinions on them here.

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