Hilka PTCDD14 14.4 V Cordless Drill Driver Review UK

This is our Hilka PTCDD14 14.4 V Cordless Drill Driver review. This one made it on to our list for the best cordless drills in the UK costing under £50

There is nothing that fancy about this drill, but that is not that important for some users. All they want is an affordable drill, that will be able to do those drilling and driving jobs around their home.​

​Hilka PTCDD14 Key Features

This small drill packs enough power to get most of the jobs done around the home. It has a 10 mm keyless chuck and that allows for fast changing of bits and drill bits.

It measures 25 x 22.4 x 8.2 cm and weighs just under 2 Kg. That makes it compact, and light enough to avoid user fatigue. Because of its size, it also allows you into smaller and more awkward places. As it also has an LED light, that helps light up the area you are working on.

That can be handy for jobs like working in cupboards, closets or in the roof space or garage.

It has 16 torque settings, and forward and reverse options. The reverse feature is mainly used to remove screws from wood. It has variable speed as well and that ranges from 0-550 rpm.

It comes with a 14.4 volt battery and charger. To fully charge the battery takes about 4 hours.

It also has a nice little spirit level on it which can come in very handy.​

It also does have a hammer function so it can be used for tasks like drilling through masonry.​

Who Should Buy the Hilka PTCDD14 14.4 V Cordless Drill Driver?

Hilka have designed this for people who need to do a little work around the home. Not every man or woman is that much into DIY. For those who are into DIY such as making decks, fitting stud walls, conversions of rooms etc, this drill would be a waste of your money.

This one is for those people who have to do the smaller basic jobs around the home. It does those very well indeed. Think of jobs like putting up curtain poles, hanging pictures etc. Often these are referred to as light duty jobs.

Buyers who purchase this cordless drill for light duty work are clearly very happy with it.


I am a retired construction worker and I also happen to love power tools. I have used hundreds over the years and offer my opinions on them here.

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