How To Drill a Hole In a Glass Bottle

How To Drill a Hole In a Glass Bottle Without Breaking it

In this article we show you a few different methods of how to drill holes into glass bottle or jars. We show you different drilling techniques and tips.

People who do crafts often have the need to drill a hole or holes into glass bottle or other objects made of different types of glass. In this article we show you a few different methods to get the job done, without shattering the glass of course.

Safety Tips When Drilling Glass Bottles

Before looking at these, your number one priority should of course always be your safety. Drilling of any kind has an element of danger to it, but when going through glass the risks are even higher.

Glass that shatters or breaks in any way does of course create its own set of problems. Please never take any risks when taking on a task like this and always follow the highest safety precautions.In the first video below a guy shows how to drill holes through a glass Coke bottle.

As you can see he supports the bottle by using two blocks of wood to hold the bottle in place and away from your hands.Now you do need a couple of wood drilling bits to do that, but if you have those, that is a very good way of safely securing the bottle for drilling. If you don't have those wood drills, then worry not as I show you other methods below.

As long as you are wearing the right safety gear, then this method of drilling through glass is pretty safe. As always though, please exercise great care. If you don't want to have to clamp the bottle, then you can set it on a damp cloth. Just make sure the cloth is damp though and not dry, or soaking wet. Using a damp cloth prevents the bottle from slipping or turning.

Using the Right Drill Bit for Glass

So it is pretty obvious to state that you will need some type of drill, to be able to drill your way through any type of glass. What is probably more important is to make sure, you have the right type of drill bit. There are drill bits made especially for this purpose.

More often than not, they can be used for drilling glass and also for drilling through ceramic tiles. The bits are fairly similar and are usually hardened, with some type of coating like diamond, carbide or titanium. These come in many different sizes, usually starting at around 3 mm and going up in size from there.

You can buy a small set of these from around £3-10 depending on what quality you want, and what size you want. The set shown just above, and to the right is a popular choice from the brand Sodial. That is a set of 4 bits (4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm) that costs under £3.

 You can check glass bits here at Amazon UK.

Always put your own safety first when drilling anything hard like glass or tile. Safety Goggles are REALLY important

Which Drill Should You Use for Glass?

The drill that you use really only needs to have a variable speed feature. When starting the hole you will always want to go at a very slow speed, and apply very little pressure. As you continue to drill the hole, again you will want this to be slow and steady.

Heat Build Up

When the hard surface of the drill bit, meets the hard glass surface of the bottle, there will be a lot of friction and a lot of heat. To avoid the bottle from cracking or shattering, you will need to cool the area down with water. A simple way of doing that is to use a bowl of water and a sponge.

You can then squeeze the sponge and allow water to go on the area of drilling. Just make sure to avoid any electrical connection associated with the drill.

Using a Dremel Rotary Multitool

Many hobbyists will use a Dremel for this type of work. These are very handy and useful tools. They don't come cheap, but if you plan on doing a lot of this type of work, then the Dremel will be an invaluable asset.

The most popular choice, by a very long way is the Dremel 3000-15 Multitool, shown just below.

This is quite a universal tool, that can be used for engraving, grinding, sanding, polishing and much more. You can read what buyers have to say about the Dremel over at Amazon UK.

What Projects Can You Use Glass Bottles For?

People use these for all types of projects with the most popular being a lamp holder, wall vases and even making clocks. I have also seen people using glass bottles to make water and fly catchers in the garden and patio areas.

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