Dewalt DCK299P2 Cordless Drill Combo Kit Review

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the tool only Dewalt DCK299P2 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo kit. This Dewalt combo is one of the biggest selling combo kits online and includes a drill/driver and an impact driver, along with two 20 Volt Max (5.0Ah batteries) and a charger.

It is an expensive purchase but it really is at the very high end of high quality tools as it includes brushless motors on both tools, and the highest rated batteries that are available on the UK market right now.

It is clear that this kit is aimed at the professional trade people, though we are sure many home owners would love to own this high end combination, budget permitting of course.

Short Summary Review

96% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer ratings

You get the Dewalt DCD996 cordless hammer 3 speed 1/2" drill

You get the Dewalt DCF887 1/4" impact driver

You get two Dewalt DCB205 20 volt MAX HR high capacity 5.0 Ah batteries (It is worth noting that the battery voltage is in effect 18 volts, when working under a load, though the battery gets charged as if it were 20 volts) - it really means the batteries just last longer

You also get a Dewalt DCB115 multi-voltage charger that has battery status charging indicators - It takes around 2 hours to fully charge a 5.0 Ah Dewalt battery

These all come in a Dewalt carrying case.

Quick Price Comparison

As you can see the price of this combo for the drill, impact driver, two batteries, a charger and a case costs on average around £500-550 depending on when and where you decide to buy it.

We have listed below the average price for each item so as you get an idea of how much you can save when bought as a single combo kit.

DCD996 drill tool only - £250, DCF887 impact driver - £190, two x 5.0 Ah batteries - £135 and a DCB 115 charger - £130 plus a case - £30

The total cost if all items bought separately would be £735. So you can save around £200-250 when bought as a kit and that is worth considering, as long as you get enough use out of both tools.

How Online Buyers Rate the Dewalt DCK299P2?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers rate this drill/driver with a high average 92% buyer satisfaction
  • 90% of those buyers thought this merited a full 5 star review
  • 2% of all buyers online gave this a poor review

The above ratings are based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews at the time of writing this article. We calculated the average buyer satisfaction rating from the ratings left at websites who sell Dewalt drills.

What Buyers Say about the Dewalt DCK299P2 Tool Only Model?

So we know that buyers rate this tool only highly enough, and below we have summarised, in the form of a pros and cons table, what those buyers had to say. This information is left after they have bought and used the drill, so is very useful information to know and consider.


  • Buyers said both the drill and impact driver are the best tools that they have ever used
  • Most buyers said the battery life is phenomenal compared to anything they have ever used before
  • The majority of buyers say they have yet to find a job that these two tools can't handle
  • Buyers say the hammer drill makes light work of drilling through concrete
  • Buyers used the impact driver for removing lug nuts, lag bolts etc


  • A couple of buyers said they though the transmission on the hammer drill was sketchy

DCK299P2 Specification (Summary)

Just below we take you through the individual parts of this combo kit and explain why they make better value when bought as a kit rather than as individual items.

Key Features

The Hammer Drill - Model Number DCD996

This DCD996 cordless hammer drill is currently Dewalt's most powerful hammer drill.

It has an all metal transmission, and that means it is built to last, so no need to worry about any plastic gear cogs crumbling inside your drill.

This drill/driver also has the latest brushless motor, which is more efficient at delivering power to the drill, and will also increase the lifetime of the tool, as it has no carbon brushes that can often burn out after a couple of years.

It has a 13mm ratcheting keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock and that means you can quickly change bits with just one hand which is very useful in certain conditions especially if you are up a ladder and holding something else.

The drill is small and compact and designed to allow working in restricted space. (8.4 inch front-to-back length) and it weighs 2.2 Kg

It can of course also be used as a screwdriver and that feature has 11 adjustable torque positions. Those positions allow you to pick the best torque to prevent the over driving of screws into wood. (Maximum torque is 95 Nm)

The other useful features include a sealed switch which helps keep out moisture and dust, an electronic clutch that offers faster clutch control and a lot of power when you really need it.

If bought on its own with a battery and charger, the average sell price is around £300. When sold as a tool only it costs on average £250.

The Impact Driver - DCF887

This DCF887 is a cordless and brushless impact driver that has 3 motor speeds and torque settings. The motor speeds give a variety of speeds to suit different applications, with speed 1 ideal for the lighter jobs and speed 3 much better for those heavy impact tasks.

Something new has been added to this design and is known as a "drop and load" bit holder. It means that you can now change bits faster than other impact drivers. It is actually very useful and makes quite a difference.

The original design of this model has been slightly reduced in size, and it is now even better for working in restricted spaces. Essentially Dewalt revisited their older models of impact drivers, and changed those things that really make a difference.

This one is more compact in size, has a brushless motor for longer life and offers more torque, a better speed range, longer lifetime and more efficient driving.

If bought on its own with a battery and charger, the average sell price is around £220. When sold as a tool only it costs on average £190.

The Batteries

With this combo kit you get two of the highest rated 5.0Ah batteries. That means you can be using one battery and have the other one on charge. As you may know, batteries are measured using two electrical measurements, volts and ampere hours.

The voltage on these batteries is 18V, though they are charged at 20 volts, so as they can work under load at 18 volts.

Ampere hours (Ah) is a complicated measurement to explain. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the number the longer the battery will last. Dewalt make Ah sizes from 1.5 to 5.0 Ah, so these batteries are the biggest that they produce for cordless tools such as drills.

The Charger

This DCB115 is Dewalt's multi-voltage charger, and essentially a general purpose charger. It can charge all the various battery voltages that Dewalt make such as 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V etc

LED Worklight

These small LED work lights pretty much come as standard on most types of drills. Only the very cheap models leave these out. The lights can be handy if you are working in a poorly lit area or any type of confined space.

There is one on this cordless hammer drill, so another tick in the box for this useful feature. The bright LED on this drill/driver can also be used as a flashlight, will will help illuminate and improve visibility when drilling.

It is classed as a 3 position LED torch with high, medium and low settings. It also has a 20 minute delay which can be useful in certain circumstances.

Keyless Chuck

Just like the LED, a keyless chuck is now the norm for these types of drills. A keyless chuck is of course a drill where the chuck is tightened by hand and holds the bits securely. They are just much faster and you never have to worry about losing a chuck key again.

This cordless hammer drill has a 13mm single sleeve chuck and spindle lock for quick and easy bit changes using one hand.

Drilling Capacity

The maximum drilling capacity of this hammer drill is:

Wood 55mm

Steel 15mm

Masonry 1gmm

Clutch Positions & Torque

This Dewalt drill has 11 pre-selectable torques. Many buyers get confused about exactly what these are used for. When you drill through different materials you should use different speeds for the best results. This is achieved by picking the right torque.

For example in soft woods you would use a lower torque as you don't want to over drive screws.

This drill also has a 3 speed gearbox which is very useful. Most drill/drivers have two speeds. On most drills including this one setting 1 is low speed/high torque and is best for driving screws. Setting 2 is a medium speed/torque and can be used for drilling or driving.

Having 3 settings gives you even more control of your drilling speed.

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed delivers the optimum power and speed to ensure you have control in a range of applications. Adjustable speed makes your work a lot easier as you can control this by how hard you squeeze the trigger.

This Dewalt drill has an efficient intelligent trigger allowing total control over all applications.

Hammer Function

This drill is a hammer drill and allows you to be able to drill through masonry such as brick, block, concrete and stone.

All drills have a rotary or spinning action which is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). This is what is used to drill through materials such as wood, metals and plastic. To drill through masonry this rotary action is used, but when the hammer function is selected, an additional bumping action is added.

This is measured in bumps per minute (BPM) or impacts per minute (IPM). This is a small hammer type action that helps you get through hard masonry materials. This drill has 3 variants of hammer speed

0-8600 bpm on setting 1

0-25,500 on setting 2

0-38,250 on setting 3

When this drill has the hammer function selected, it is then used with a masonry bit which allows you to drill through harder materials like brick, block and concrete. 


We would always recommend checking out the warranty that you get with any product that you buy.

With this model you get a 3 year limited warranty and 1 year free service.

Our Verdict on the Dewalt DCK299P2 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit

96% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer ratings

If you decide to purchase this combo kit, then you will own two of the best pieces of kit currently available.

As you also get two high amp rating batteries and a charger, you can then continue to buy Dewalt tool only models for any other compatible power tool or gardening power tool.

The drill and impact driver will last for many years and they are of course supported by the excellent Dewalt guarantee and service promise.

The only drawback is of course the initial spend as these do not come cheap.

If this is not the cordless drill for you then check out our full list of Dewalt cordless drills by clicking here. If you don't fancy a Dewalt drill, then you can check our full list of all brands of cordless drills by clicking here.

Dewalt - The Company and Brand

The Dewalt brand are the leading high end brand for tools in the world and really do make high quality products. This is the go to tool brand for professional trades people and has been for a very long time.

The company was formed in 1922 by Raymond E. Dewalt. The actual Dewal company started out in Leola, Pennsylvania. Their first product was an electric universal woodworking machine known as the DEWALT "Wonder-Worker".

Like many tool companies they grew a lot during the second World War and just after that period. They continued to expand in the 60's and 70's making bench grinders and metal cutting machines.

It was as far back as 1992 when they first started making portable electric tools aimed at the contracting and building markets. In 2011 they introduced the ground breaking XR system.

Dewalt have around 43 different types of cordless drills available on the UK market. This includes 12V, 18V and 20V options. The models include drill/drivers, impact drills, hammer drills and SDS drills.

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