Draper 20497 18-Volt Cordless Hammer Drill UK Review

This Draper 20497 is no longer available for sale. You can check just below for other drill options.

This particular model is a cordless hammer drill that operates off an 18 volt NiCad battery. At a price of around £48, this model gets an average rating of 76%, based on the buyer reviews.

It is very hard to find this drill online any longer, and more likely you will be able to pick it up as a used model.

This is one of the cheaper drill/drivers that you will find in the UK market. It has a forward and reverse function, variable speed and also a choice of 16 torque positions. The fact that is is also a cordless hammer drill, means that you can drill into concrete with some ease.

Who Would Buy the Draper 20497?

This drill will mainly be bought by anyone who wants to have a hammer option, as well as having a general purpose drill. Those who buy this one certainly like it a lot and they rate it highly, and certainly one of the best Draper branded drills.

The ideal owners of this drill are those who enjoy their DIY. They also want to have the added functionality, of being able to drill through brick, concrete, or any type of masonry. Many drills can easily handle wood and other materials. You do however need a hammer action, to be able to quickly and effectively, get through the tougher masonry type materials.

There are plenty of buyers for the Draper 20497, and it has been on sale for quite a while.

For sure you can buy more expensive drills with more features. In terms of value for money though, this one is very well made, so you will own a nice piece of very good quality kit.

Important Features of the 20497

Feature Specification

  • 18 volt NiCad batteries (2 off)
  • 16 adjustable torque control for using on different types of materials
  • 10 mm cordless chuck
  • Has a hammer function


Average Rating


Average Price


Battery Included



39 x 28.5 x 12.3 cm


2.1 Kg


18 Volts

What's In The Box?

  • The drill/driver
  • One AC charger unit
  • Two 18 Volt Ni-CD batteries
  • A Carrying Case
  • 1 double ended screwdriver bit

Features Worth A Mention

This is a good purchase in terms of value for money. This is not a fancy drill packed full of features but it has enough to make sure you can do almost all of the drilling or driving jobs around the home. That includes the tougher masonry jobs. It can handle up to 12 mm masonry drilling jobs.

The battery takes about one hour to charge. It comes with two batteries though, so you should be able to use one and charge one. That will mean you will always have a hammer drill, that is ready to use.

Main Review of the Draper 20497 Model

If you are going to spend £48-50 of your hard earned cash on this particular drill/driver from the Draper brand, then the really big questions, is it good value for money?

The short and simple answer is yes. In our opinion there are of course much better choices out there, but they will cost a lot more money.

This one will get most of the jobs done around the home. You should be aware though that this one does use the older style Ni-CD batteries. They do take longer to charge fully and over time they will not last as long as the new and improved Li-Ion batteries. If you are only going to be using this product a couple of times a month, then it will last you for a long time.

Types of Masonry Jobs it Can Handle

This is grand for doing what I would call the simple or basic jobs. If you need to drill through a stud wall,  with plasterboard then that will be no problem. It will also be able to drill holes into brick, or breeze block as well. The typical hole size it can handle is up to 12 mm. That is ideal for wall plugs that you would attach to hold up shelves etc.

It will not do those heavy masonry jobs. If you need to get through marble, stone or solid types of concrete, buying this would be a waste of your money. The 20497 model is for the basic concrete drilling jobs, and not for any type of heavier work.

Other Features of the 20497 Model

The LED light just makes such a difference. If you have ever worked in an area with not much light, then having this LED light just lights up those dark areas and makes drilling a whole lot easier.

This model does have an excellent safety feature with an electric brake. When you have finished drilling or driving the chuck can often keep spinning when you are finished. The electric brake slows this down very quickly so you will not get snagged with a spinning drill bit or driver.

What Buyers Liked About the 20495 Ion Drill/Driver

  • Good value for money
  • Small compact cordless hammer drill with enough power 
  • Great for all types of uses including the hammer function

What Buyers Did Not Like About the 18V Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver

  • Batteries are slow to charge
  • Uses the older style of batteries
  • Not suitable for heavier concrete or masonry drilling

Pros & Cons Summary

  • Good solid buyer ratings
  • Good value for money
  • A nice basic range of features


Value for Money



Summary of Buyer Reviews

Below we have summarised in percentage terms, what star rating all of the buyers gave the 20497 model, after they had bought and used it. They rated this on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 being the highest.

My Conclusion & Recommendation

This is a good basic cordless hammer drill. For the money you are getting good value. It is not suited for the heavier types of masonry drilling. For that I would recommend the Bosch PSB 1800, which is about £20 more expensive.

Overall though, buyers of this 20497 model believe they have got really good value for money. For those that need something basic with a hammer action, then this one will do the job, at a very good price point.

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