Bosch PSR 1440 LI-2 Cordless Drill UK Review

The Bosch PSR 1440 LI-2 model is rated very highly. At a price of around £90, this model gets an average buyer rating of 86% This model uses a 14.4 volt battery.

That makes this drill lighter than their 18 volt models. However thanks to the drill technology that Bosch uses, there is very little drop in power or torque. This particular model comes with one 14.4 Lithium-Ion battery.

Who Would Buy the PSR 1440?

This is an ideal purchase for those who need to do a variety of jobs around the home or the garden. This drill is handy, easy to use and light in weight. So if you need to do drilling jobs or driving jobs around the home, this is a nice one to have in your tool kit.

According to the manufacturer Bosch - "This drill is ideal for small to medium-sized DIY projects, the PSR 1440 LI-2 offers both power, endurance and precision allowing you to perform extensive work quickly and precisely. Ideal for demanding tasks such as building a summer house or driving screws into hardwood boards."

Important Features of the PSR 1440

Feature Specification

  • It comes with one 14.4 volt Li-Ion battery
  • It also has 2 gears for low and high speed work
  • Also has a charge level indicator so as you know how much battery life you have
  • It has an auto-lock  2-sleeve 10 mm keyless chuck
  • 20 torque settings
  • Soft grip and built-in LED light
  • Has a reverse function


Average Rating


Average Price


Battery Included



39 x 29 x 9.8 cm


2.6 Kg


14.4 Volts

What's In The Box?

  • The drill/driver
  • One charger unit (charging time one hour)
  • One 14.4 volt Li-ion battery
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Comes with one double screwdriver bit (up to 8 mm screw diameter)
  • Instructions for Use

Features Worth A Mention

Solid Guarantee

Most of us hope that when we buy a cordless drill, that we don't have any problems with it. Nonetheless, it is always good to know that your product is backed by a solid guarantee. This product comes with a 2-year guarantee. If you then register the PSR 1440 online at Bosch, they extend that guarantee to 3 years. That is a nice touch, and something that I would recommend all buyers do.

Main Review of the PSB 1440 Cordless Drill

The main thing worth mentioning is that this is NOT a hammer drill. That can rule out a lot of DIY jobs as it will not be able to drill through concrete easily. You really do need the hammer function for that. Aside from that, it can handle almost all other drilling jobs. It can also take care of most screw driving jobs as well.

If you make good use of the 20 torque settings, then you will be able to drive screws into most types of wood, including the harder woods like mahogany. 

The LED light on this drill/driver is very useful. That helps light up the particular area into which you are drilling or driving. This feature is especially useful for working in poorly lit areas, like cupboards or under a sink.

The battery indicator is a feature that should be on all drills. It certainly is on this one, and it really is very useful.

What Buyers Liked About the 14.4V PSR 1440

  • Small compact drill with a lot of power - allows you to work in confined spaces and into corners
  • The LED light is really useful
  • Great for all types of driving purposes, and for all drilling jobs that do not require the hammer function
  • Nice and light and super easy to use for jobs around the home and garden
  • The fact that it is cordless really helps not having to worry about trailing leads.

What Buyers Did Not Like About the 18V Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver

  • No hammer function
  • One buyer had problems with the chuck slipping

Pros & Cons Summary

  • Highly rated Bosch cordless drill
  • Battery is good and lasts for a long time
  • Can handle most drilling and screw driving jobs around the home

Our Conclusion & Recommendation

This is an ideal drill for someone who wants a nice lightweight drill, that will always be ready to use. Aside from not having the hammer function, the PSR 1440 will handle all those other types of jobs.

It is a little more expensive that many people will want to pay. That said, it does come with a 2-year guarantee that can be extended to 3 years, when you register the tool with Bosch online.

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