Bosch PBD 40 Bench Drill Review

If you are in the market for a good quality Bench drill (pillar drill), then the Bosch PBD 40 Bench Drill is most certainly worth your consideration. It is from the well liked tool brand "Bosch" and with an RRP of £299.99 it sits in the mid-price range for this type of set up.

It certainly has some really nice and useful features which we will discuss in detail later in this article. It also comes with a parallel guide, an integrated laser, a large work plate and quick lock clamps.

Those are all the key components that you need to get started with this bench drill as soon as you receive it. Buyers overall rate this drill really highly with an average 82% buyer satisfaction rating. It has maintained that rating for a long period of time, and consistency is always a good thing.

Who Would Buy the Bosch PBD40?

In our opinion this is a good choice for anyone who takes their DIY seriously, for a keen amateur woodworker, or for someone who needs to do a lot of accurate and precise drilling on a regular basis. It is also suitable for someone who does a lot of work with the lighter metals.

Bosch PBD40 bench drill review

Bosch PBD40 Bench Drill Specification

As you can see from the above image, this Bosch model does have all the important features for this type of bench drill.

Bosch - The Company and Brand

Bosch are a popular brand choice for many UK buyers and home owners. Bosch operates in the UK as Robert Bosch Limited. They employ around 5,200 people across 40 locations in the UK. In 2017, Bosch generated revenues in the UK of £3.5 billion, and the UK is the second largest European market for Bosch after Germany.

Bosch are a German based company and they own a number of brands including Rexroth, Buderus, Dremel, Dynacord and Worcester Bosch (Gas Boilers) They make very high quality tools for the home and garden as well as operating in many other sectors.

What Buyers Say About the PBD40?

Buyer Satisfaction

Overall buyers rate this with an average buyer satisfaction rate of 92%. Overall that is a pretty sound and consistent rating for a drill of this type and price.

  • 78% of buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 4% gave it a bad rating

You can tell from these ratings that there are not that many complaints, and plenty of buyers rate it highly. Those are always good things to see. There are over 100 buyer online reviews, so at least we know the ratings are accurate and reliable.

If you don't have time to read any more of this article, then you can check the availability of the Bosch Bench Drill PBD 40 over at Amazon UK by clicking here.

Features Worth Knowing About

We have included a full specification down below, but we always believe it is very important to know the really important features, as these are the features that will make or break any product.


We know that when you spend up to £300 on any product, you want to make sure it is built to last. That is why we pay particular attention to buyer reviews that are left, when the bench drill has been used extensively.

We did the same with this one and buyers have clearly stated that this one is built to last. In case there is any doubt Bosch offer a 3-year warranty on this bench drill, and that should give you considerable peace of mind.


This is one of the most important considerations when buying any kind of pillar drill. You need to be sure it is accurate. That is especially true if you have to change bits from pilot drills to forstner, to spade type bits.

Buyers said that this drill maintained the accuracy to around 1 mm. Yes they said there was a slight bit of chuck wobble, but that it was almost insignificant.

Set Up & Portability

When something arrives in a box, you want to assemble it, set it up and test it out. It is easy to do that with this one and it is light enough to be portable. This one weighs around 14 Kg (31 lbs) and measures 74.2 x 37.2 x 27.2 cm (29.2 x 14.6 x 10.7 inches)

If you need a bench drill that also needs to be portable, we believe this is a good choice if you have to work under those circumstances.

Drilling Capability

The maximum drilling stroke is 90 mm with a drilling capacity of:

  • Up to 40 mm in wood
  • Up to 13 mm in steel

The keyless chuck is a twin sleeve metal chuck with a capacity of 1.5 mm to 13 mm.

PBD40 Buyer Complaints

At 2% the buyer complaints were very low but we always like to include them so as you can get the full picture of the product, before making your final decision.

Chuck Wobble

Any complaints that we could find were about chuck wobble, a popular complaint with most bench or pillar type drills. The number of complaints were very low so perhaps those unfortunate buyers did receive a faulty product which they should have returned.

Most buyers said the features on this were very good and very useful, but they felt let down by the chuck wobble from time to time.

Other Useful Features

bosch pbd40

Earlier in the article we discussed and explained the really important features. In this section we take a look at the other features on this bench drill that buyers talked about and found to be very useful.


This drill does not have any pulleys. A rotary knob is used to control and regulate the rotational speed anything from 180 to 2,500 RPM.


You don't get this on all bench drills, but in our opinion, you really should. It is a simple gadget that quickly holds a piece of material in place and frees up your hands. That along with the parallel guide rail and a fairly large work plate, makes holding most shapes of material a pretty easy thing to do, with just a little fiddling.

Bosch PBD40 Video Review

Our Verdict on the Bosch PBD40 Bench Drill

An honest question always to ask yourself before buying any tool, is will I really get the use out of it. In reality not that many home owners will have any real need for this type of drilling setup. Those who take their DIY more seriously and many professionals will appreciate the real benefits of owning a product of this nature.

I first used one of these when at technical college when I was doing some examinations in metal work. I then also went on to use them when doing woodworking classes at night school. I think you only understand the true benefits of a drill press when you have used it.

This PBD40 model has an RRP of £299.99, though you can usually get it cheaper online, if you shop around. The fact that it is made by Bosch really helps as they are a good quality tool brand. Buyers generally speaking really like it, though a small percentage did complain about drill wobble.

Overall we would recommend this one as i gets very good reviews, and we believe the price is about right for this quality of product.

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