Bosch Cordless Drill UK Reviews 2022

The Bosch brand is and has always been a very popular choice for many buyers here in the United Kingdom.

They make a full range of appliances and tools for both home and garden use. So there is no big surprise to see that they make some of the best cordless drill/drivers on the market today. Now these cordless drill/drivers are at the higher end of the price point and range between £50-100 for their best choices.

The first thing to know about Bosch drills is that they make them in two different types:

  1. Cordless Drills for Home Owners - Recognised by a distinctive Green and red colour scheme on their products
  2. Professional/ Contractor/Trade Cordless Drills - A blue colour 

The professional cordless drills can of course also be used by anyone. They are more powerful, made with durability and power in mind, and as such will be more expensive.

Our Experience with Bosch Drills in the UK

Over the years we have used a lot of Bosch tools and we know that they offer high quality products. All of their drill/drivers use Li-ion batteries and that is simply a very good thing. Cordless drills with a Lithium-Ion battery will just last you far longer, are faster to charge and hold their charge for a very long time. This is what Bosch use in all their drills.

Below we have listed the Top 10 Bosch cordless drills by those that have received the highest rating. These ratings are taken from online buyers, who have bought and used the various Bosch drills.

They have then taken the time to leave a review. At least that way, you know that it is based on the opinions of a whole range of buyers, and not just the opinion of one or two people.

Bosch Cordless Drills in the UK (Home Owners)


Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2

This model is by far their biggest seller, and remains an extremely popular choice for UK buyers.

It is a powerful 18 volt Li-Ion battery (comes with 2 batteries), and has 2 gears for low and high speed work.

It also has 20 torque clutch positions that allow you to drive different lengths of screws into different types of materials

It also has a power light and battery status indicators
Finally it has the all important hammer function for drilling concrete and brick


Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill Universal Impact

This model is newer to the UK market, and is now proving to be a very popular choice with buyers.

It comes with 2 18V batteries, a charger and a hard carrying case

This model can be used for screwing, drilling and impact drilling

The included battery is compatible for all products within the green Bosch Home and Garden 18 V system


Bosch EasyDrill 1200 Cordless Drill/Driver

This is a smaller and lighter 12V drill, which has been designed to be used by those who don't like the heavier voltage drills.

It comes with a battery and a charger, and is still a powerful option for all types of drilling and screw driving.


Bosch Cordless Drill AdvancedImpact

Although this model has a higher online buyer rating, it is more expensive than the models that we have already shown.

The reason for that is that this 18V model also comes with a battery, charger and 3 attachments

Those attachments are; Chuck adapter, off-set angle adapter and an angle adapter


Bosch Cordless Drill AdvancedDrill

The Bosch Advanced model is a heavy duty cordless drill/driver aimed at the serious DIY person

It is compact, yet very powerful drill with a lightweight design and a brushless motor

This is an 18V drill/driver

Those attachments are; Chuck adapter, off-set angle adapter and an angle adapter


Bosch PSR 1800

This model uses an 18 V lithium-ion battery and has a 2-speed planetary gearbox

It can drill up to 30 mm in wood and 10 mm inn steel

The drive function has 20 torque settings

It also has a built-in LED to keep the work area lit up

It comes with a battery, charger and a hard carrying case

Bosch Cordless Drills in the UK (Professional)


Bosch Professional GSR 12 V-15 FC

This is the best seller in the Bosch professional range and it is this compact 12V drill/driver

It comes with 2 batteries, a charger and the professional L-Boxx carrying case

What makes it popular with trades people is that it comes with a range of chucks that makes this drill/driver flexibile in use

They use a one click interface and the rotatable chucks help with tight situations


Bosch Professional FC System GSR 18 V

This is a full driving and drilling system for the professional person that wants to use Bosch tools

It is an 18V drill/driver

It has 16 different position locks (360°) and an SDS rotary hammer adapter

The cordless drill/driver achieves a maximum drilling diameter of 38 mm in wood and 13 mm in metal
Comes with an 18-M chuck attachment, GFA 18-W angle screw adapter, GFA 18-E off-set angle adapter, GFA 18-H SDS hammer adapter, and a carrying L-BOXX case


Bosch GSB 120 - LI Professional

This is a 12V model that comes with 2 batteries, a charger and a professional carrying case.

This model has been optimised for torque, which then makes it so much better for screw driving and speed

The drill has a 2 speed planetary gearbox
It has a keyless chuck that opens and closes easily - change drill bits in seconds


Bosch Professional GSB 18 V-21 Combi Drill

This is an older model, but many professionals prefer to use this one

It is an 18V model and comes with a batteries, a charger and the professional carrying case

It has a 13 mm unslotted chuck, and an LED light

Bosch - A Little About the Company

Bosch is currently the world market leader when it comes to power tools and the accessories that go with them. In the UK, they also market and sell the Dremel and Skil brands. They are a German based company but have been in the UK for many years.

They aim all of their tools, including their drill drivers at the trade and also for professional users. That also makes them beneficial for people who take their DIY tasks very seriously.

Generally speaking they are considered to be at the more higher end of the power tool brands. 

If you would like to know more about the Bosch brand, then please watch the video below.

So that is our detailed review of the best Bosch cordless drills, that are currently available in the UK market at the moment. Hopefully this helps make your choice that little bit easier.

If you own any of the drills on our list, then you will already know that you own a very high quality product. Bosch are a popular and reliable brand, that have a great reputation, and they have been around for many years.

If you are not sure which one of these to go for, then I think the best one is the PSB 1800 model which is their best seller.