Black and Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill Review 

 December 2, 2015

By  cordy

Black and Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill UK Review

Thanks for taking your time to read our UK review of this popular Black and Decker 18 Volt 2 gear hammer drill model is the best selling of all of the Black & Decker cordless drill/drivers. At a price of around £59-70, this model gets an average buyer rating of 83%, based on over 600 online buyer reviews.

That will tell you right away that this Black & Decker model sells a lot, and has achieved and maintained a solid and consistent satisfaction rating. This is not a product to overlook, if you are looking for a high quality drill at a very affordable price.

We have completed a full review below. However if you are pushed for time you can click to check availability over at Amazon

Black and Decker - The Company & Brand

Over the past century, Black & Decker has become a household name, famous for high quality and innovative products. Making the job easier has always been at the forefront of Black & Decker’s mission. They are a US based company that originated in Baltimore. They make a whole range of tools, gardening tools, and home equipment.

Generally speaking they are considered to be at the more affordable end of the power tool brands. Their motto is to try and simplify the world of DIY and create tools and products that make the task quicker and easier to perform.They have been around for many years, just over 100 in fact, and they have been responsible for many "firsts" to market.

Who Would Buy the 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill?

This would be bought by anyone who wants a good quality general purpose drill for use around the home and also for general outdoor use. The hammer function means that it can also drill through the tougher materials such as concrete and brick.

It is not quite a drill/driver that a professional would use, but it is pretty close to that type of standard. It will some of the heavier drilling which is great, but it would struggle if it were being used every single day.

For someone, who simply wants to have a drill handy for almost all the jobs, around the home, then this would be a good choice.

The most reassuring thing about buying this product is that it is a best seller and many thousands of people have bought this one. Almost all of them have a high degree of satisfaction with their purchase.

Important Features of the 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Cordless Drill

Feature Specification

  • It has a very powerful 18 volt Li-Ion battery
  • It also has 2 gears for low and high speed work
  • Also has variable speed for much more control
  • It has a 10 mm keyless chuck
  • It also has a reverse function with helps a lot with the removal of screws


Average Rating


Average Price


Battery Included



28 x 32.4 x 9.2"


2.7 Kg


18 Volts

What's In The Box?

  • The drill/driver
  • One charger unit
  • One 18 volt Li-ion battery
  • One kit box
  • Comes with a flat/posi style bit
  • Instructions for Use

Features Worth A Mention

Torque Settings

The purpose of having torque settings is to be able to adjust the strength of the twisting action on a drill. The higher the torque the more pressure is applied to the screw. That is ideal as it depends on what you are drilling into. Soft woods will need a lighter torque than harder woods.

The right setting will make sure the screw goes in flush to the material, but will not damage it, and will not strip the head of the screw. This model has a nice range of 11 torque settings and that allows you to do many jobs around the home.

Black and Decker 18V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill uk review

Main Review of the B+D 2 Gear Hammer Drill

As I have mentioned this is a best selling product and for very good reasons. The battery is very powerful and that means it can do a whole range of drilling and driving tasks. This is a highly rated drill by the people who have bought and used it.

The keyless chuck makes it easy to change drill bits and driver bits. The battery is also easy to change. It includes a reverse feature which is helpful if you are trying to remove screws. It also comes with the case so as you can safely store this away.

I don't recommend many products unless I have tried and tested them. I have used this one many times and I just found it to be very good. As a professional I do own a Dewalt and use that everyday. However as a drill to have around the house, this is the one that I would pick myself.

What Buyers Liked About the 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

  • Great all round drill/driver
  • Good value for money
  • The battery is very powerful and lasts for ages
  • Lightweight and portable

What Buyers Did Not Like About the 18V Lithium Cordless Drill/Driver

  • The hammer function is good but not great
  • Not great for the very heavy duty masonry drilling tasks

Pros & Cons Summary

  • Best Seller
  • Powerful and long lasting battery
  • Struggles with heavy masonry work


This is a good product. It is not a professional one but gets very close to that standard. For heavy masonry drilling I would always recommend a corded drill and especially if you are doing a lot of masonry work.


Value for Money



Our Conclusion & Recommendation

This is a high quality drill but that buyers clearly like. Judging by the ratings people are clearly very happy with their purchase and it is certainly great value for money.

If this is not the one for you, then why not check out the top 10 Black and Decker drills by clicking here.

This model did come in at number three on that list. It is the best Lithium-Ion standard drill in their range though, as those above it were cheaper but used the older style batteries.

Around 2/3 of all buyers gave this model the full 5 star treatment, and that is always a very good sign. Around 6 out of 100 gave it a low review, and many of those complaints were about delivery, rather than about the drill itself.

For me, this one is at a sensible and affordable price, and will be able to handle 90% of all drilling and driving jobs around the home.


I am a retired construction worker and I also happen to love power tools. I have used hundreds over the years and offer my opinions on them here.

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