BLACK+DECKER 14.4 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill UK Review

Typically, you will be able to pick this BLACK+DECKER 14.4 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill up for around £70. The Lithium-Ion battery on this drill is powerful enough, for almost any household task, that you may need to do.

As this is a Li-Ion battery type, it really does hold its charge for a long time. That means it is ready for use as and when you need it. A typical example is that this 14.4 volt drill will hold over 80% of its charge for up to 3 months.

You can see the actual drill just below, where it is being used to attach decking boards. This is of course one of its many uses.

BLACK+DECKER 14.4 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill Review

This particular model is a popular choice from the full range of all of the Black & Decker cordless drill/drivers. At a price of around £70, this model gets a solid average buyer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on current buyer feedback.

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Who Would Buy the 14.4V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill?

This would be bought by anyone who wants a better than average drill, for around the home or garden. Many buyers opt for a basic drill, that can handle most jobs around their home.

This particular model is a step up from a good basic drill. First of all you get a good long lasting battery, that has plenty of power. It does however also have 2 gears, which allows you to do normal fast drilling. The lower gear then offers you a great deal more control and torque for jobs that require slow driving. An example is driving screws into softer woods.

This drill can do a variety of jobs such as drilling wood, steel and masonry. It is ideal for home repair work, flat pack furniture assembly, hanging pictures, putting up curtain rails, putting up shelves etc.

Important Features of the Black & Decker 14.4V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

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    It has a powerful 14.4 volt Li-Ion battery
  • check
    It also has 2 gears for low and high speed work
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    Also has variable speed for much more control
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    Has a 13 mm keyless chuck
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    Measures 33 x 27.9 x 10.2 cm
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    Weighs 2.5 Kg
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    11 torque settings
BLACK and DECKER 14.4 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

Ideal for drilling through concrete, steel and wood

What's In the Box?

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    The 14.4 Volt Drill/Driver
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    One 14.4 Lithium Ion Battery
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    A battery charger
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    A Kit Box
14.4 V Lithium Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

Buyer Reviews of the B&D 14.4 Volt Drill

It is always important to look at other buyer reviews, before making a purchase. We have summarised below what they had to say in 2 ways, that we think makes it easier to understand.

First of all we have shown a breakdown of the actual star ratings, that real life buyers have given to this particular 14.4 Volt model. That gives you an instant overview of what they thought.

Secondly we have also made a pros and cons list, that summarises what those same buyers actually said about this particular model. Hopefully, you will find that useful.

Star Rating

Buyer Percentage











So as you can see 77% rated this a 5 star product and 92% rated it 4 stars or higher. Although 8% gave this drill/driver a 1 star rating, that was actually just one real life buyer. His complaint was that the chuck broke and had to be replaced.

What Buyers Liked

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    Powerful and versatile drill and screwdriver
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    Lightweight and very easy to use
  • check
    The battery works great and lasts for a very long time
  • check
    The 2 gears and the torque make this drill really useful for a whole variety of jobs

What Buyers Did Not Like

  • close
    There was one complaint about a broken chuck
  • close
    No battery charge indicator

My Conclusion & Recommendation

This is in my opinion a very good general purpose drill. The fact that it is a hammer drill immediately makes it really useful. That function alone will allow you to drill through all types of concrete and masonry.

The battery is powerful and lasts a long time. When you then add 2 gears and 11 torque settings, this drill can easily be used for both drilling and for screw driving. That makes it a highly versatile drill that can be used for all those jobs in the home and also in the garden.

It is also compact and that will allow you to use it in confined spaces. It is also pretty light at around 2.5 Kg and that will prevent user fatigue, if you have to use your drill for longer periods of time.

Hopefully you found this review useful. If this is not the Black and Decker drill for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of Black and Decker drills, by clicking here.

This one is however a good choice in my opinion, for those people who want to have a better than average drill, for jobs around the home.


I am a retired construction worker and I also happen to love power tools. I have used hundreds over the years and offer my opinions on them here.

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