Best Drill Bit for Angle Iron

In this article we are going to recommend the best drill bit for drilling through angle iron. Just before that we think it is important to understand just a little bit about how angle iron is made.

Angle iron is usually made of some type of structured steel, which is then rolled into an L-shaped section. By creating this type of right angle structure, the shape is able to bear lots of pressure and weight.

As you might know, that is why it so popular and used quite a lot for supporting structures in the construction industry in warehouses, bridge building, electric and telephone towers etc.

It is also used for bed frames, benches, frames and on many types of shelves.

The angle is always 90 degrees as this gives the best structure and support.

Every now and then we may need to drill into angle iron. To do that all you need is a drill of some kind and of course the right drill bit. We will explain what we believe to be the best drill bit to use for drilling through any type of angle iron.

What is the best drill bit for Angle Iron?

It is pretty obvious to state that you can drill angle iron with any type of bit designed to get through metal. A bit made of carbon steel is the cheapest option, but a tungsten carbide drill is the most popular as these last longer, and we believe offer better value for money.

You can also use cM35, cobalt or carbide drill bits as these are tough, but they are also more expensive.

How often do you need to drill angle iron?

We think it really comes down to how often you need to be drilling angle iron. It is just occasional drilling, then we would stick with a good quality carbon steel drill bit. If this is something that you need to be doing on a regular basis, and where speed is important, then we would recommend that you buy cobalt drill bits.

Rennie Gold Cobalt Jobber Drill Bits

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

These are the biggest selling drill bits and designed for use on angle iron and stainless steel.

They have a cutting angle of 135 degrees, ideal for getting through angle iron

These drill bits are made from an M35 alloyed HSS steel and have a 5% cobalt content

They work out at around £1.15 per drill bit which we believe is excellent value for money

Zunate 10 Piece M35 Drill Bit Set

98% buyer satisfaction based on 20+ online buyer reviews

We would recommend this 10 piece set of M35 drill bits as they work really well on angle iron, stainless steel, cast iron and sheet and steel plate

They have split points which is good for the start-up drilling process and get to work right away

They come in 1-5mm sizes and with the added cobalt are made to last for a very long time.

They work out at around £1.15 per drill bit which we believe is excellent value for money

Drilling through angle iron is a tough job. Most home owners will never really have to do this as angle iron is not typically used in most homes. In more modern homes in the UK, some construction companies are using this for supporting beam structures. They seldom, if ever, need to be and shouldn't be drilled through.

We have seen angle iron used in some garages for the same supporting beam structures. This should not be drilled through either.

For home owners it is more likely they will come across smaller angle iron being used for gates and railings. There is really no need to be drilling through that. Mainly the drilling of angle iron is used in the construction industry.

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