Best Dewalt Battery Packs UK Reviews 2022

Best Dewalt Battery Pack Buying Guide

In this article we explain what Dewalt battery packs are available for the UK market place. Buying the right battery pack for your cordless tool is very important.

There are a lot to choose from. Hopefully the battery buying guide shown below, will help remove all of that confusion.

The battery packs come in 5 different sizes and types:

  • 7.2 Volt Packs
  • 10.8 Volt Packs
  • 18 Volt Packs (Most Popular)
  • XR Flexvolt Packs (18V and 54V)
  • 20 Volt Packs

Please note that all of these batteries are Lithium Ion battery packs. This Li-Ion style of battery has virtually no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge. The older Ni-Cad batteries suffered from both of those problems.

Li-Ion batteries can hold their charge for up to 3 months. The older NiCad style batteries could not do that and discharged very quickly, and that discharge happened even quicker, the more those batteries were charged.

Li-Ion batteries charge faster, do not suffer from frequent charging and also hold their charge for much longer.

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Dewalt 10.8 Volt Battery Packs

The model number for the 10.8 Volt battery pack is known as the Dewalt DCB127. The is a 2 AH XR Lithium Ion battery pack that provides 50% more run time than the standard 1.3 Ah packs.

This one is compatible with all Dewalt 10.8 Volt XR Li-Ion Tools, and is often referred to as a slide pack.

Battery Capacity 2.0 Ah
Measures 35 mm high x 43 mm long and weighs only 0.2 Kg

Dewalt 18 Volt Battery Packs

As these are the most popular, the number of battery models get larger and this can get more complicated. We will try and simplify that to make things a whole lot easier.

There are five versions of the 18 volt battery packs from Dewalt. These are the DCB182, DCB183, DCB184, DCB183B and DCB184B. They all have state of charge indicators which is an LED light. They are also all compatible with the full range of Dewalt 18 Volt XR tools.

As you can see there are three main battery types the DCB 182, 183 and 184. The only difference in these is the Ah rating. I have explained what that means below. In essence though it simply means the bigger the Ah rating, the longer the battery will last. That is the only real difference in these 3 models

We then have two other types the DCB183B and DCB 184B. These are the same as the normal models with one difference, in that they can be connected to the Tool Connect App from either Apple or Android.

I have explained what that app is all about down below. In short it means a mobile app is included with the battery, which allows you to track it, and help prevent theft.





Tool Connect



65 mm high x 110 mm

0.61 Kg




48 mm high x 110 mm long

0.4 Kg




65 mm high x 110 mm long

0.62 Kg




48 mm high x 110 mm

0.45 Kg




69 mm high x 110 mm

0.67 Kg


DCB 182, 183 and 184 at Amazon UK

The most popular choice for buyers is the DCB182 model as it is a 4.0 Ah. This is the best selling of the Dewalt batteries in the 18 Volt range.

DCB 182-XJ Model

DCB 183 Model

DCB 184 Model

DCB183B and DCB184B at Amazon UK



Dewalt XR Flexvolt Battery Packs

This was a new battery pack released by Dewalt in 2016. This battery pack is suitable for an 18 volt and also for 54 Volt cordless power tools. They are also known as step up batteries.

In other words these can be used with either any of the Dewalt 18 Volt XR range of tools or any of the Dewalt 54 Volt tools. They simply offer a great deal more power to the bigger tools like cordless mitre saws, circular saws, table saws and angle grinders.

I have explained this in a lot more detail down below. These will mainly be used by those working in the construction industry and in the trades. In reality most home owners will have no need for this particular type of battery.

There are two models of this battery pack:

DCB 546

This is an 18 Volt 6.0 Ah XR Battery Pack It is compatible with all 18V and 54V XR Flexvolt Tools.

It is also compatible with all 18V XR Chargers 

Measures 125 mm x 85 mm x 90 mm (l x w x h) Weighs 0.99 Kg


This is an 18 Volt 9.0 Ah Battery Pack. It has a bigger Ah rating and so more expensive, but will also last longer.

Compatible with all 18V and 54V XR Flexvolt Tools, Compatible with all 18V XR Chargers

Measures 125 mm x 85 mm x 90 mm (l x w x h) Weighs 0.99 Kg

What Does Ah Mean With Battery Selection Selection In Mind?

The term Ah is something you will always see manufacturers referring to when it comes to battery specifications. Ah stands for a unit of measurement known as Ampere Hour. This is the amount of energy charge in a battery, that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour.

Now although it is nice to know that, what difference does it make when you are thinking about buying a battery? Here is an easy way to think of it and we hope it makes a lot more sense.

  • A power tool that draws 1 Amp of current will fully drain a 1.0 Ah battery pack in one hour
  • A power tool that draws 1 Amp of current will fully drain a 2.0 Ah battery pack in two hours

So the simple way to remember this is that the bigger the Ah is on the pack, the longer it will last before it needs charging. In the case of the Dewalt packs a 6.0 Ah will last roughly twice as long as a 3.0 Ah one. Now it does get a bit more technical than that, but generally speaking that is how it works.

You will not be that surprised to know that the higher the Ah is, the more expensive the battery is likely to be.

What Is The Tool Connect App All about?

This is a solution that is designed to help save time and money. You can connect your tools to an app, which then allows you to track them across multiple job sites. The data from this mobile app updates in the Inventory Manager Portal at the office for real time information. Dewalt are bring out many new tools with this app built into them.

With reference to the "B" models of Dewalt batteries this app is built into those. Not only can you track the battery, but you can also disable it if it gets stolen. The app also shows the charging status, and you get alerts when the battery is fully charged.

Below you will find another video explaining how this works.

What Is a 54 Volt Step Up Battery All About?

When fitted to a 54 Volt power tool, you essentially get the power of a corded tool. So the 18 volt battery works well with all Dewalt 18 volt tools, but also with these larger 54 Volt tools.

So plenty of power but no trailing electrical leads to worry about. These are also 6.0 Ah batteries so last much longer than the standard 3.0 Ah ones.

They are ideal for the larger 54 Volt Cordless power tools like mitre saws, circular saws, table saws or the larger angle grinders.

Typically you can get a full day's run time from a single charge.

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