Best Cordless Impact Driver UK Reviews 2022

Thanks for taking the time to read our information on the best cordless impact driver. In this article we provide a lot of useful and helpful information to help you make the best buying decision. The truth is that you may never need an impact driver if all you do is assemble furniture or drive in small screws. They are only useful for taking on bigger jobs on a regular basis, and that is when the impact driver is your best friend.

Just below we have provided a quick jump to section is there is something specific you need to know about an impact driver. If you want to find out as much as you can, then please read on through this article. We have included buying tips and our own recommendations based on our knowledge and buyer feedback.

What is an impact driver?

Just below we have included a image of what a typical cordless impact driver looks like. This model is a very popular Makita model. An impact driver is a type of cordless driver that is more chubby and a great deal more powerful than a cordless drill/driver. The other key difference is that an impact driver has no chuck and instead has a 1/4" slot that holds hexagonal driving bits.

cordless impact driver uk reviews

What is an impact driver used for?

Cordless drill/drivers can be used for drilling holes into various materials. They can also be used for basic screwdriving tasks. There are however times when we do need to do some heavy duty driving of screws.

If you think of jobs like making decks, building fences, or putting together a shed then you will likely need something a lot tougher than a cordless screwdriver. That is where the impact driver comes into its own. The cordless impact driver is one of the best tools available for driving in longer screws, or for driving any type of screw into harder woods like mahogany.

If you are not sure whether you need a cordless drill/driver or a cordless impact driver, then have a quick look at our table below, which will help explain which to choose.

Cordless Drill/Drivers

  • Used for light driving jobs
  • Not good for driving into hard woods
  • Not good for the tougher tasks like decking and fences
  • Will strip screws if forced to do tougher tasks

Cordless Impact Drivers

  • Used for heavy driving jobs
  • Great for driving into hard woods
  • The perfect partner for the tougher tasks like decking and fences
  • Will NOT strip screws if forced to do tougher tasks

Cordless Drill/Driver - The popular cordless drill/driver is used for both drilling and as an electric screwdriver. They are really useful to have around the home for general purpose DIY work. This includes basic jobs like assembling flat pack furniture, basic repairs, and putting up shelves. These can also be used for softwoods.

Cordless Impact Driver - Mainly for driving longer screws into wood or for driving screws into harder woods such as mahogany. They are usually slightly smaller than drill/drivers, but pack a great deal more power and torque. The driver bits can't slip as they go into a Hex holder, unlike the round chuck of a cordless drill/driver.

Cordless Impact Drivers Buying Tips

Just below we have included the really important features you should look out for when buying a cordless impact driver.

How Much do Cordless Impact Drivers Cost in the UK?

They range in price from around £50 at the low end and up to around £110 at the higher end. The typical average price is around £99. You pay more for features such as a brushless motor, variable speeds and whether they come with a battery or not.

Brushless Motors

All the good tool manufacturers are now offering brushless motors in their cordless tools. We don't want to bore you with long technical explanations, however one with a brushless motor means that the driver will last longer, give a longer run time and also allow the manufacturer to make a more compact and lighter product.

In older models the motors had contact brushes and these could burn out and would need to be replaced. Brushless motors are slightly more expensive but are worth the extra money paid and never need to be replaced.

Speed Choices

Any impact driver will very quickly drive a long screw into wood. The driver uses both a rotary action and a hammering motion to very quickly fire in screws. They are also rather noisy as well. That makes them a great deal easier to use than a cordless drill/driver or cordless screwdriver with a great deal less effort on your part.

The disadvantage of that is that with shorter screws especially, you can often over drive the screw. That is where you push it in too far into the wood. To counteract that, many good tool manufacturers now have speed options on their impact drivers.

You can pick a slower speed, and when used with the variable trigger speed you do get an awful lot more control and again reduced effort on your part.

Understanding Torque

Torque is an important consideration in an impact driver purchase. Torque in reference to these tools is about screwing strength. The more torque you have the better when it comes to driving screws into hard woods or driving in longer screws.

Torque is measured in Newton metres (Nm) and impact drivers can vary from around 105Nm to 220 Nm, with the average being 155 Nm. Our advice is if you are buying an impact driver for general purpose use, then 155 Nm is ideal.

If you plan on only using this for the really big jobs like deck building then go for a higher torque, as that will make the job faster, and easier for you.

The Battery Dilemma

Most cordless power tools are sold as "bare tools" or "tool only," with both terms meaning there is no battery or charger supplied. All manufacturers are now making branded batteries that can be swapped with their various power tools.

For example if you own an 18V Makita battery, you will be able to use that with any of their compatible 18V power tools. The same applied for other brands like Dewalt, Bosch etc. That does tie you to a brand which is their main intention.

The tool only option is always going to be cheaper than buying the tool, a battery and a charger. It makes sense to buy the same brand if you already have compatible batteries and charger.
If however this is your first power tool, you have no choice but to buy all 3 items and that can get expensive.

Top Cordless Impact Drivers Summary

  1. Best Value Impact Driver - Makita DTD152Z
  2. Best Compact Impact Driver - INGCO Brushless Impact Driver
  3. Best Brushless Impact Driver - Dewalt DCF887D2 kit
  4. Best High Torque Impact Driver - Ryobi ONE+ R181DBL
  5. Impact Driver with best Features -  Milwaukee M18FID-0

Best Value Option - Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver

96% based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

  • This is a huge seller online as it is compact and lightweight and comes with an electric brake and belt clip (Tool only - no battery)
  • It also has 2-speed control and variable speed control trigger, forward/reverse
  • It has a very useful Twin LED job light
  • It also has all metal gears for a longer lifetime
  • Compatible with 18 Volt Makita Li-on batteries only and has a battery protection circuit

It has the older brushed motor style but still delivers a solid 165 Nm of torque which can deal easily with Machine Screw M4 to M8 sizes, Standard Bolt M5 to M16 sizes, High Tensile Bolt M5 to M12 sizes and Coarse Thread 22 to 125 mm. This is a great value impact driver and suitable for any DIY task you have in mind. It’s also reliable and Makita tools are all very high quality with excellent customer service. On the downside it is heavier than most and slightly bigger than some newer models.

Most Compact Option - INGCO Brushless Impact Driver

92% based on 700+ online buyer reviews

  • This is the best compact option and comes with two (2.0Ah batteries, a charger, a carrying bag, 2 screwdriver bits, 3 nut holders and metal hanging hook) making it very good value for money.
  • It also has a brushless motor which does ensure a longer lifetime for the tool
  • The torque is higher than average at 170Nm so ideal for a wide range of screws and nuts
  • It is also compatible with the full range of products on the INGCO P20S platform

In terms of value for money this model is hard to beat and it is also light and compact so ideal for confined spaces. Online buyers in the UK rate this one highly and they sell tools throughout the world and their HQ is in Belgium.

Best Torque - Ryobi R18ID3-0 ONE+ 18V 3-Speed Impact Driver

98% based on 150+ online buyer reviews

  • This is an 18 Volt Impact Driver
  • 220Nm High torque motor for large screw driving
  • Tri-Beam LED light illuminates the work area
  • Quick load 1/4" (6.35mm) chuck
  • Comes with an impact bit and a 5/8 inch socket adaptor
  • Impact rate is 0-3,400 ipm
  • 3 year warranty

Makita DTD153Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver Review

96% based on 1,200+ online buyer reviews

  • Small compact impact driver
  • High torque up to 170 Nm.
  • No load speed 0-2400 RPM
  • Brushless motor for longer life
  • One touch sliding chuck for easy bit installation and removal
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Variable speed control by trigger
  • Machine screw M4 to M8, Standard bolt M5 to M16,
    High strength bolt M5 to M14, Coarse thread screw 22 to 125 mm
  • Up to 3,600 impacts per minute
  • Up to 3,400 rpm

Makita DTD154Z Brushless Impact Driver Review

96% based on 650+ online buyer reviews

  • Has a brushless motor which ensures longer tool life
  • T-mode: Tightening mode for self-drilling screw
  • Has an electronic three-stage impact power selection (hard/medium/soft)
  • One touch sliding chuck for easy bit installation and removal
  • Maximum fastening torque 175 Nm
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Variable speed control by trigger
  • 4 pole motor, keyless single sleeve ¼” hex chuck, accepting M5 – M14 standard bolts, M4 – M8
  • The impact driver has a no load speed of 3600 rpm providing up to 3800 ipm 
  • LED job light with preglow for use in low visibility applications
  • Comes with belt clip
  • The Makita DTD154Z is supplied as a tool only unit and has no batteries, charger or case

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Impact Driver Review

96% based on 550+ online buyer reviews

  • Latest generation compact impact driver - part of the intelligent XR Lithium Ion Series
  • Compact, light weight design allows for use in confined spaces
  • All metal gearing for efficient power transmission and long tool life
  • Aluminium front housing
  • Intelligent trigger allowing total control over all applications
  • 1/4" (6.35 mm) 'drop in' keyless hex driver allows for quick, one handed fitment
  • LED with delay feature for improved visibility and flashlight functionality
  • Steel belt clip and strong magnetic bit holder
  • No Load Speed: 2800 rpm
  • Impacts per Minute: 3200 ipm
  • Max Torque: 155 Nm
  • Max. Bolt Diameter: M12

Bosch Professional GDR 12V-105 Cordless Impact Driver Review

94% based on 650+ online buyer reviews

  • Very light at only 0.96 Kg - Small, light and very powerful.
  • Short head length at only 137 mm - better balance and control of the tool, perfect for working in tight areas
  • 105 Nm of torque and electric brake
  • 1/4" hex
  • 3 LED lights - effectively illuminates dark work spaces
  • High speed (2,600 rpm)
  • osch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and total discharge

Impact Drivers vs Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are heavier, bigger, and a great deal more powerful than impact drivers. In other words impact wrenches have a lot more twisting power, often referred to as the torque.

Impact wrenches use a 1/2" square drive and have been specifically designed for loosening and tightening sockets. These are almost always used by mechanics for working on vehicles. Typically they are used to remove a wheel nut. In garages these are usually an air impact wrench which used compressed air as the power source.

Impact drivers use a ¼” hex drive and are used for driving screws. The impact driver can be used for sockets with an adapter but it will not have as much torque as an impact wrench.

Impact Drivers vs Hammer Drills

Hammer drills are only used for drilling into a hard surface like brick or concrete. Most hammer drills can be used as conventional drills, but they are mainly designed for heavier duty hammer drilling through masonry.

An impact driver is used mainly for driving in screws.

Impact Drivers vs Combi Drills

This is really just more fancy terminology. A combi drill, which stands for combination, is simply a drill that can be used both as a drill and as a screwdriver so the same as a drill/driver. These work really well on softer woods, and for most people these work really well.

For heavier tasks, of for harder woods like mahogany, you need something tougher which is when you should use an impact driver.