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If you are looking to buy a good quality cordless drill and are tied to a budget of £50 or less, then there are still a good few options available to you. I think you will appreciate that you will not get a higher end model for this type of money.

That said, you will be able to get a drill that can handle almost any job you need to do in the home or garden.

​The cost of a cordless drill is mainly down to two things:

  1. The actual construction of the drill​
  2. The battery

Cordless drills are more or less the same in that they use a battery for power. That battery operates a motor that turns a chuck which holds the drill bit. This is what causes the actual drilling motion.

Drills that use Lithium-Ion batteries will almost always be more expensive than those that use the old style Ni-Cad batteries. That price difference is significant when it comes to buying a good quality drill.

​If you can always opt for the Li-Ion as they last a great deal longer than the older style. They also hold their charge for much longer and all round they are lighter, better and quicker to charge.

You can still get a cordless drill using a Li-Ion battery for less than £50. So let's have a look.

Top 10 Comparison Chart of the Best Cordless Drills Under £50

If you click on the product link, it will take you to a concise summary review of each drill.

You can see from the chart above, that there are plenty of good choices, and overall all of the buyer satisfaction ratings are very good. Below you can find a little more detail on each one.

No 1 Choice - Tacklife Cordless Drill/Driver PCD02B


This one is pretty new to the market, but it is selling really well, and so far does get the highest rating.

It is a 12 volt cordless drill/driver. It comes with the drill, 8 drill bits, 8 screwdriver bits, an extension bar, battery and charger all held in a case.

It also has a 2-year warranty.

It has 19 torque settings, variable speed, keyless chuck, forward and reverse and an LED light to help light up the work area.

No 2 Choice - BOSCH PSB 1800 LI CORDLESS


This is a drill from the very well known Bosch brand. It is a cordless hammer drill, however this is a body only option so does not come with a battery.

It is a good choice if you have other cordless Bosch tools that use a compatible 18 volt Bosch battery. It comes with a carrying case.

It has 20 torque settings and a keyless chuck system along with an LED light.

Only buy this one though if you already own a compatible Bosch battery

No 3 Choice - BLACK+DECKER 18 V Lithium-Ion Drill Driver


This is from the very popular Black and Decker brand and remains a high selling and popular choice for many users.

This one comes with an 18 volt battery and charger. It has a 10 mm keyless chuck, and 10 different torque settings.

It also has forward and reverse along with a variable speed setting. Ideal for the lighter jobs and for tasks like flat pack furniture assembly.

This one sells a lot mainly down to the brand and the range of accessories that you can easily buy for this one.

No 4 Choice - Apollo Pink 10.8V Cordless Drill Driver


This is a good value for money pink coloured drill that is again quite a popular choice. Apollo do a nice range at he cheaper end of tools.

This one uses a 10.8 volt Lithium-Ion battery and is a very good choice for light to medium drilling around the home.

It has a keyless chuck, 15 torque settings and also comes with a 30 piece drill and screwdriver set of bits, all held in a storage case.

Given what you get, this one is good value for the money.

No 5 Choice - Terratek 18V Cordless Drill with 70 Piece Drill Bits


This one really does offer exceptional value for money. Not only does it have the best Li-Ion batteries, but it also comes with a 70 piece drill bit selection and carry case.

It is an 18 volt drill, with 21 different torque settings, 10 mm keyless chuck, LED work light and a belt clip.

Terratek certainly pack in the value and it is hard to argue with what they offer in this package.

You also get the battery and charger so you pretty much have everything here to get drilling right away.

No 6 Choice - Terratek 18V Cordless Drill Driver, Sensational Electric Screwdriver set


This is another one from the Terratek brand. This one is a pretty powerful 18 volt option, that comes with a 13 piece drill set.

It has 16 different torque settings and also has variable speeds, making it suitable for drilling into all types of materials including wood and metal.

It has a keyless chuck for quick bit changing and an LED work light.

As the name would suggest this one can be used for light to medium drilling and also for driving in screws.

Read Our full review by clicking here

No 7 Choice - MYLEK® 18V Cordless Drill Driver


This is not that well known a brand in the world of tools, but those buyers who got this one rate it highly.

This one is different as it has many of the features of more expensive drills such as a 2-speed gearbox.

It is an 18 volt cordless drill, that comes with an LED work light.

It does however use a NiCad battery, and they are just not as good as the preferred Li-Ion ones. So a higher specification of a drill, but using lower specification batteries.

No 8 Choice - Apollo 18 V Pro Combo Cordless


Another one from Apollo and this has been a solid seller for this brand over the years. It does have a pretty distinctive red style and comes with a 30 piece drill and screwdriver bit set.

The bits come in a plastic case.

This is an 18 volt Ni-MH battery pack so a powerful enough battery that holds its charge reasonably well.

It has a 10 mm keyless chuck and comes with a 2-year warranty. It also has 17 different torque settings.

A good value for money package.

No 9 Choice - VonHaus 12V Cordless Drill


This 12 volt cordless drill from the Vonhaus brand has been out for a long time and sells on a regular basis.

Like many of the others on this list, this one is also packed with value. Along with the drill you get a 32 piece accessory kit.

That includes pliers, a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, nine drill bits, 12 screwdriver bits, 6 sockets and a small tool bag.

Pretty hard to beat this one for value.

No 10 Choice - Apollo 26pc Household Cordless Power Drill Tool Kit


The final one on our list is another drill option from the Apollo brand. This time it comes in the form of a household tool kit.

It contains a 9.6 volt cordless drill with a battery and charger. It is a Ni-MH battery so poeerful enough for light to medium jobs.

It has a keyless chuck, and 16 torque settings. You also get a hammer, 10 screwdriver bits, a magnetic bit holder, 5 wood drill bits, pliers, a measuring tape, a knife, and 7 screwdrivers all in a handy storage case.

Best Deals on Cordless Drills

There are always deals available on cordless drill/drivers. Stores like B&Q usually have some form of offer available and you can also pick up ones that maybe have a damaged box, or a handle missing at a reduced price.

I would advise staying away from anything that is second hand or used, if you don't know the actual owner.

These could have been dropped or damaged and if that happens, then they would be a risky purchase. I have noticed that Amazon also have deals from different brands going on from time to time, but you do need to keep watching and checking.

The ten that I have mentioned above are all good quality drills at affordable prices.

Do not sell yourself short either. You can buy high quality drills like these for less than £50. They work perfectly well, and you should still get good guarantees from the manufacturer.

A drill at this price point will not have all the fancy features. For basic drilling and driving, you don't really need those.

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