Welcome to that About page for the cordless drill UK based review website.

My name is Enda and I own and edit the website here at Cordless Drill Reviews.

For many years cordless tools were just not available and all we could ever do was plug in a corded drill, and have enough extension cables to get the job done.

That of course all changed with the introduction of the wonderful cordless drills. Simply by adding a battery all of a sudden you could take your drill anywhere without the hassle of trailing cords and extension leads.

The big problem then was finding one with a good battery that lasted for a while and didn't constantly need charging

enda cordless drill reviews

The only solution back then was either a NiCad battery or a NiMh battery. They worked ok but they were not exactly what we had hoped for.

Then along came the Lithium-Ion and everything changed. Suddenly a cordless drill/driver was available that would last for ages and make all of our lives a great deal easier.

The reason we put this website together was to help out anyone thinking about buying a cordless drill/driver.

I thought why not put up a website in an area I have a lot of knowledge about. So here I simply share my experiences with using many of the cordless drills that are out there.

We will include Top 10 tables, buying guides, detailed reviews, recommendations and add many helpful "How To Articles" that you will also find really useful.

If you want to leave any comments or ask us a question, then nip over to our contact page and do it from there please. Here is the contact link.

We hope that you find the website helpful and we will continually add new information to help improve it. Thanks for visiting and you can click here to return to the main Home page.