3 Projects That Add Value To Your Home

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There are many types of home projects that most competent people can take on and enjoy. However some will add value to your home and some will not. In this article I wanted to show you three projects that you could take on that would add value to your home in the UK.

The good news is that these projects are still small enough that they will not break the bank. Now it is hard to give an exact cost for each of these as it really does depend on the actual size of the project. The bottom line is that you can space these out over time, but still know that when working on them, you are helping increase the overall value of your home.So there you have it. Jobs that can be done by most people and at the same time increasing the value of your property.

Project 1 - Installing and Erecting a Wooden Fence

Adding a wooden fence to your property will improve the way it looks. It also offers privacy and an increased level of security. There are many types of fence that you can do from simple board fencing, panel fencing and even a simple picket fence.

To do this you will need posts which are typically buried in concrete.You can then attach your choice of fence and use wither screws or nuts and bolts to attach those. It only takes a little bit of planning, and depending on the size of the fence can be affordable to do. After that they only need maintenance about once a year with some type of protective coating that can be sprayed on.

Fences add value for a couple of reasons. The main one is they offer privacy to the home owner and that is important for many people. In addition they also look great as long as they are well maintained. As long as the fence is not too large, then the cost can be kept pretty low.​

Project 2 - Painting the Exterior of the Home

This is probably the one that most handy people will be able to do. So if you live in a brick home all that is really required is to paint window sills, fences and gates. Many people have PVC windows,doors, guttering and eaves and these can be very quickly cleaned. If they are not PVC then these will need to be painted as well.

If the exterior of the home is not brick then a coat of paint (or two) will really make a huge difference. If it looks good from the outside then a perspective buyer will already be more ready to buy. Good quality paint can be bought for a good price. You should also cost in a cherry picker for the higher parts of the house.Painting like this also helps protect your home as well as enhancing how it looks.

​It is estimated that this increases the value of your home by about 5% which is significant when it comes to selling.

Project 3 - Landscaping

Don't panic I know we are not all landscape gardeners. However you do not have to be to make your home look the way it should. If you only ever kept the grass neat and tidy it would make a huge difference. A good tip is to feed the grass twice a year to make it look really green and also make it healthy looking.

Trim any hedges and keep those neat and tidy. Do any weeding that you can especially in flower beds. If you keep everything looking neat and tidy, then in the eyes of a buyer that makes your property of a higher value.

Don't forget about the back of the home either. If there are bin areas keep those clean and the same with patios. If there is decking then make sure it gets decking oil once a year for protection and good looks.

There are significant ways to add extra value to the equity of the home. By selecting the right types of home improvement projects, any home owner can increase the home’s value, while enhancing its appearance or functionality. That is what you are trying to do here.

Remember the Basic Home Improvements​

​Always remember to keep the basics in good shape. Watch out for roofs that leak, plumbing issues like leaking taps, and any cracks or damp appearing. When that happens fix it quickly as invariably it will cost you more in the long run if you don't.

Painting the interior of the home is of course always a good idea. We recommend doing that one room at a time and not trying to rush it. It takes a bit longer to sand down a wall maybe, but in the end you get a much better finish. Sometimes walls need two coats of paint to really make them stand out. it is better to take the time to do that, then just settling for one coat.

Replacing the doors in the home can also be a great way of increasing the perceived value of a home.​ Instead of having tired old doors, nice fresh looking well finished doors really do make a striking difference. They are not as hard to hang as many people think.

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