Best Cordless Drill UK

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best cordless drill UK. We love using cordless tools, and a cordless drill is one of the handiest tools to have in YOUR tool kit. 

Cordless drill/drivers are very useful for a whole range of DIY tasks around the home and garden. They can be used for:

  • Assembling flat pack furniture 
  • Putting up shelves, brackets, curtain rails
  • Drilling through masonry such as brick and block so as you can use rawplugs to hold various items up
  • In the garden for fences, decks, sheds, making raised beds and many other garden and yard projects
  • General DIY, where drilling or driving is involved.

The key advantages of a cordless drill is of course that there are no electric leads to worry about, and you can use your cordless drill/driver just about anywhere you like. There is no need to have to worry about having an electric socket to plug it in. We are all aware of the convenience that these can bring us, but people do make mistakes when buying one. That is because technology changes all the time and these days, drill/drivers come in all shapes and sizes.

Different Types of Cordless Drill/Drivers

There are 5 different types of these available on the UK market. We think it is important to understand what those are. Many people buy one of these and then discover it is not exactly what they needed and that can get frustrating. We will explain those just below so as you can fully understand the different types, which will help you make a better buying decision.

  1. Drill/Driver - This is the most popular type on the UK market today. They are ideal for the majority of DIY jobs around the home. They can drill smaller holes into wood, plastic, and metal. Most, but not all can also drill masonry but are limited especially when drilling longer and larger holes into bricks etc. They can also drive in all types of screws. Most of them are compact and light, which can be an advantage. For heavier drilling or for driving in longer screws these are not a good choice as they are not powerful enough.
  2. Combi Drill/Driver - These are a more powerful version of the drill/driver explained above. These will have the hammer function which allows you to drill into masonry much easier. They can do everything that a basic drill/driver can do, but they can do heavier work as they have higher torque settings which makes them more powerful. they will be slightly more expensive than the basic drill/driver but worth that if you are a busy DIY person.
  3. Impact Driver - if you need to drive in a lot of screws, or need to drive in longer screws, then you will be better off buying an impact driver. Projects like deck building, or fence building, garage of loft conversions will all require using longer screws into different types of wood. The impact driver is your friend here. They use hex-shank bits which are a better design as they don't slip in the chuck. You can use them for drilling but it isn't what they are designed for. If you do plan on using them for drilling you will also need to buy impact ready drill bits as normal drill bits will just break.
  4. Hammer Drill - These are used for the really tough drills designed for regular drilling of masonry. These are larger than drill/drivers and combi drills and they also cost significantly more. These tend to be bought and used by people in the trades for daily use and heavier duty work.
  5. SDS Drills - These will be used by people in the trade and also by the keenest of DIY people. They are designed for daily use and also for the bigger heavier DIY tasks. You will also hear them called SDS rotary hammer drills. The drill and driver bits simply slot in to the SDS drill which is extremely quick to do as there is no chuck to deal with. You can buy these in 3 types known as two mode, three mode and three mode with an interchangeable chuck. Two mode means either rotary only or combined rotary/hammer. Three mode is rotary only, hammer only or combined rotary/hammer. The hammer only option allows you to add a chisel attachment useful for demolition.

Which Cordless Drill Should You Buy?

Drill Type

Main Use


This will be ideal for most people. It will allow you to do most general types of DIY around the home. This includes things like putting up curtain rails, shelves, hooks, brackets and light drilling. They can also drill screws so ideal for flat pack furniture, and into wood up to about 2" long (50mm). Not suitable for heavy drilling or heavy screw driving or longer screws.

Combi Drill

These are pretty similar to the drill/driver above but give you extra power and that means getting jobs done faster. These will have more torque settings which are ideal for drilling through different materials. They also give you more power if you need to do heavier types of work. If you are uncertain about what you may take on then opt for one of these rather than a basic drill/driver.

Impact Driver

If you have any need to do a lot of screw driving, or a requirement to drive in longer screws, then definitely get one of these. For jobs like loft and garage conversions, fencing and decking these will make you life a great deal easier. They can drill as long as you buy the right impact driver drill bits.

Hammer Drill

Most people will never need something like this. This is really only for heavy duty drilling through masonry such as bricks, blocks, concrete, mortar, stone and marble. Think of concrete door lintels and you will get our jist. Almost always if you ever do need one of these for the odd job, it would be better to rent it out. Many people in the trade will own one of these to be used as and when required.

SDS Drill

Just like the hammer drill, this one will be used by the trade, or by a keen DIY person who can afford one and wants the latest and greatest. These are really hammer drills and most commonly used as chisel drills. You will also need to buy the right SDS drills and bits for this type of drill. You can used standard bits if you have one with an interchangeable chuck, or have one with an adapter.

if you are a DIY person, or plan to be, then we would recommend owning a Combi Drill and an Impact Driver. Ideally if you can afford both, then buy them in a kit that has both along with 2 batteries, a charger and a storage case. It will initially be expensive but they will be able to do just about anything around the home and garden.

Our Buying Tips

Battery Life

The key to any cordless tool is the size and quality of the battery. Manufacturers all make their own brand of batteries and you are best sticking with those. You can buy other universal brands which are usually cheaper but they get mixed reviews. There are two measurements to be aware of when buying a battery:

  1. Voltage Size: - They come in different voltage sizes from and include 10.8V, 12V, 14.4V, 18V, 20V and 24V. The 18V is by far the most popular option.
  2. Ampere Hours (Ah) - As a general rule the larger the Ah rating on the same voltage, the longer the battery will last. Most batteries come in 1.5Ah, 2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 6.0Ah.

On average an 18V drill/driver using a 2.0Ah battery will last for 1-2 hours. It does of course depend on the number of holes you may be drilling, what material you are drilling into, or the number of screws you are driving, their size and what material you are driving into.

We would always recommend having two batteries so as you can be using one and having the other one on charge. It is also worth knowing that you can then use the same batteries in other cordless tools from the same brand that are compatible. Owning batteries and a charger allow you to buy "tool only" cordless tools, as you already have the batteries.

Batteries typically take anything between 1-3 hours to fully charge. Most brands of batteries will also have an 80% charge option in around an hour. Manufacturers also usually have the option of 

Check Torques and Drilling Capacities

These two items are worth investigating if you have the time.

  1. Torque -  Torque simply means force. If driving smaller screws into a soft wood then a low torque setting is perfect as it will do the job without stripping the head of the screw and also stop over driving where the screw can disappear into the wood and even split it. if you are driving into a harder wood then you will need a higher torque setting, and likewise if you are driving longer screws a higher torque setting will be required.
  2. Drilling Capacity - Most manufacturers tell you in their specification what depth you can drill into in wood, steel and masonry. Those are worth looking at as it gives you solid information on the capability of the drill/driver.

What is the Best Cordless Drill In the UK?

If you don't have time to go through all the information on our website then we thought we should tell you upfront which drill would be our number one choice.

Best Drill for Home Use - Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill

96% buyer satisfaction based on 11,000+ online buyer reviews

It would be the Bosch PSB 1800 which is high quality, powerful and ticks all of the boxes. 

It costs around £80-100 so although not a cheap option, it is certainly in our opinion, the best one on the UK market right now.

Thousands of UK buyers love this drill and they leave it very positive reviews. If you can afford this type of money, and want something that will get the job done, then this is a great choice.

The good news is that this one is also built to last. There are a lot of choices out there of course. However if I had to narrow this down to buying just one good cordless drill, then it would be this one.

Best Budget Cordless Drill - Terratek 13 Pc Cordless Drill/Driver

88% buyer satisfaction based on 12,000+ online buyer reviews

This model from Terratek is a the best budget choice on the UK market right now

We don't think you will be able to find one any better than this model in terms of price and value for money

You get the drill, an 18V battery, a charger and a 13 piece kit of drill bits and screwdriver bits which is more than enough to get you started around the home and garden

This model has a 10mm chuck, forward and reverse, variable speed and 16 different torque settings - it does not have a hammer function so can't be used to drill masonry

Best Combi Drill - Dewalt DCD 776C1 18V Cordless Lithium LXT Combi Drill

96% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

This model from Dewalt is a great choice for any home owner who wants to own a high quality great all round drill.

Dewalt are one of my favourite brands and the main choice of professionals.

More home owners are starting to buy this type of good quality drill.

This is a Dewalt cordless hammer drill complete kit with the DCD776C1 drill, a DCB185 XR battery and a DCB107 rapid 1 hour battery charger

It also comes with the heavy duty Dewalt carrying case

This battery and charger are then compatible with all the tool only Dewalt tools.

Best Combi Drill/Impact Driver - DeWalt DCK211D2T Cordless Compact Drill Driver

94% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

If your budget can stretch to this combination set from the Dewalt brand, then you will own two of the best tools on the UK market.

You get the cordless drill/driver and also a powerful lightweight impact driver, both of which will be able to handle almost any job around the home.

Ideal for drilling or driving around the home and complete with 2 batteries, a charger and a case.

Best Hammer Drill - Black + Decker 18 V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill

92% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

Without any doubt if you are looking for a cordless drill that also has a hammer action, then is going to be the best buy, in terms of value for money.

It comes with two 18 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger and the kit box to hold everything.

This is a two gear combi drill suitable for all screw driving, drilling and hammer drilling into wood, metal and masonry

This is also one of the best selling cordless hammer drills on the UK market.

It has 10 torque settings, variable speed, and an LED light

It comes with 2 batteries, a charger and a hard plastic carrying case.

Best Rotary Hammer - Dewalt DCH273N Rotary Hammer

94% buyer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews

This cordless rotary hammer drill is also SDS Plus

It has a brushless motor for longer life and comes with a high capacity XR 5.0Ah 18V lithium-ion battery

It also has an electronic clutch for consistently-high torque and improved durability

This is suitable for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete, brick and masonry from 4mm to 24mm

Best SDS Cordless Drill - Makita DHP482RFWJ Combi Drill

96% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

Makita do make very high quality tools but they come at a price. Mainly professionals and people in trades opt for either a Dewalt or a Makita drill.

This model is an 18V brushless 24 mm rotary hammer SDS Plus drill with a brushless motor for much longer lifespan.

It has the full 3 mode operation: rotation & hammering, hammering only & rotation only

Maximum in concrete 24mm
Maximum in steel 13mm
Maximum in wood 27mm
Up to 4,700 blows per minute

It has a variable speed trigger, constant speed control and an electric brake.

Find the Best Cordless Drill by Brand

Black and Decker are one of the most affordable brands in the UK. They do a nice range of the cheaper cordless options. They cost between £25-80, with an average price of around £40.

Bosch are of course a very well recognised brand name in the UK. They make the mid to higher end range of cordless drills. They cost between £50-200, with an average price of around £65.

Dewalt is the number one choice of the professionals. Usually they are more expensive but the quality is simply outstanding. They cost between £40-300, with an average price of around £100.

Draper have been making tools since 1901 and have a small range of cordless drills, all of which price in at the mid-point. They cost between £25-70, with an average price of around £50.

Einhell are a German based company with a number of cordless drills that price in the low to mid range. They cost between £50-190, with an average price of around £60.

Hitachi are based in Milton Keynes and do a power range of cordless drills but are at the higher end of the price scale. They cost between £90-400, with an average price of around £125.

Makita are a Japanese company and have a plant in Telford, and been making cordless drills since 1991 - mid - high price point. They cost between £65-250, with an average price of around £100.

Ryobi are part of the Techtronic Industries Group and make a range of cordless drills in the low to medium price points. Many options are drill only. They cost between £30-100, with an average price of around £50.

Terratek International Ltd offer a good range of cordless drills which are keenly priced and are at the lower end of the price point. They cost between £25-50, with an average price of around £35.

Best 12V Cordless Drill/Driver

94% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

The 12 volt cordless drill option remains popular with many UK buyers. The model we prefer here is the Bosch Easydrill 1200 model

It comes with one battery, a charger, and a case. It gets a very high buyer satisfaction rating of 94%, which is a very good sign.

This 12 volt battery takes just one hour to fully charge. It has 2 speed settings and a variable speed pressure trigger. It has 16 torque settings.

Suitable for drilling metal up to 6 mm, 20 mm in wood and screw diameter up to 6mm for driving

It has a 10 mm keyless metal chuck

Best 14.4V Cordless Drill/Driver

92% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

Some manufacturers have brought out the 14.4 volt battery, which of course sits between the 12 volt and the 18 volt ranges. The best one in this size of battery is the Makita HP347DWE 14.4 V Cordless Hammer Drill Driver

It comes with one battery, a charger, and a case. It gets a very high buyer satisfaction rating of 92%, which is a very good sign.

This drill/driver has a 2 speed gearbox, torque pre-selection with integrated gear change. It also has a 3 stage charge level indicator.

It has a 10 mm keyless chuck for fast and easy bit changes

Best 18V Cordless Drill/Driver

94% buyer satisfaction based on 14,000+ online buyer reviews

The 18 volt remains the most popular with most UK buyers. This size of battery is enough to be able to do any drilling or driving task with considerable ease.

The winner for us in this category is the best selling Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill.

It comes with two batteries, a charger, a case and a double ended screwdriver bit. It gets a very high buyer satisfaction rating of 95%, and it doesn't get much better than that.

It will drill into all types of material, has a hammer function, 20 torque settings, 2 speed gearbox, LED light and a 10 mm keyless chuck.

Read Our Detailed Review

Best 20V Cordless Drill/Driver

88% buyer satisfaction based on 11,000+ online buyer reviews

The 20 volt battery is making some in roads into the cordless drill market, but the 18 volt shown above still remains by far the more popular choice. Nonetheless some manufacturers do offer a 20 volt option.

The winner for us in this category is the best selling Terratek Cordless Drill Driver

It comes with the 20v battery, a charger, and accessories. It gets a high buyer satisfaction rating of 88%, which is a good solid rating.

It has a drill and hammer option and comes with a 13 piece accessory set.

It has an LED work light for enhanced visibility in low light, and also has a metal alloy 10 mm chuck which gives extra strength and durability compared to plastic counterparts. The drill also comes with a free 2 year extended warranty.

Find the Best Cordless Drill By Price

In the section below, we have sorted the cordless drills by price point. Depending on how much you can afford, or are prepared to pay, you will find some product here that suits your budget.

Often it is better to pick a drill based on what you can afford. Just make sure that it will do all the drilling jobs that you need it to do.

Hopefully we have guided you in the right direction to find the best cordless drill for your own specific needs. Some buyers will just want a basic drill for using around the home.

How Much Will You Pay For A Cordless Drill?

If you want a more powerful combination style cordless drill that has all of the important features, then you will need to spend £70-100.

This is what I think most people should be prepared to pay. That will give you a drill with the right features to be able to handle 90% of jobs around the home and garden.

You can pay anything between £20 to over £200, depending on exactly what you want to own. A good basic drill/driver will cost around £30-40.

You should also be aware that many brands also offer combination kits. These will include something like a drill and an impact driver. They combine these in a set so you are in essence able to buy two useful tools, which are stored in one box.

Many also provide accessory sets that contain bits and drills. For most people these will get the job done, though just be aware that these are not always the highest quality.

The Importance of the Drill Chuck

Most older drills came with a chuck key. This key was used to open the jaws of the chuck to accommodate the different sizes and thicknesses of drill bits. There were two problems with those.

Firstly, they were very easy to lose, and over time they wore down the actual chuck which caused slipping.These days almost all cordless drills come with what are called keyless chucks. So it is a welcome goodbye to the days of searching for a chuck-key.

The chuck is the part of the drill that holds the drill bit. It has a set of jaws which clamps the drill securely into place, and ensures that it does not spin or move. With keyless chucks, the drill bits are attached and removed simply by twisting the chuck.

There are 3 types of keyless chuck which are:

Double sleeve keyless chuck - this one need both hands to open and close the chuck

Single Sleeve keyless chuck - this one needs just one hand to open the chuck

SDS chuck - only found on hammer drills and you would need to use special SDS drill bits

For most people the single sleeve is the best as it is super simple to use. Only professionals would ever use the SDS type of chuck.

Chuck Size

Chucks come in different sizes with the most common being 1/2" and 3/8". The reason for this is that drill bits some in different styles and thicknesses. For the bigger and heavier duty drill bits, you will need a wider chuck, so you would use the 1/2" rather than the smaller 3/8 " chuck size.

Cordless Drill Accessories

In this section we cover the range of accessories that you can attach or add to your cordless drill.

Cordless Drill Bits

Drill Bit Types

Now there will be some jobs when you will need a specific bit. These are for jobs like drilling through concrete or a cavity wall, where a long masonry bit is required. Likewise drilling through porcelain tile will also need a diamond tipped bit.

Generally speaking though, buying a set of bits will always be better value. My advice is not to buy really cheap sets. Those are usually poor quality and blunt very quickly.

Drill Wire Brushes

You can buy a range of different wire brushes, which can then be inserted into the drill chuck, and that allows you to use your cordless drill to do a variety of jobs. These include things like removing rust from metals such as gates and wrought iron fences and railings.

They are also handy for working on cars. Ideally you will want your cordless drill to have variable speed.


So that is pretty much all you will ever need to know when it comes to buying a cordless drill. The main thing to consider always is what you will be using your drill/driver for?

If it is for general work around the home then a drill/driver will be ideal. If you plan on also having to drill through brick or concrete, then go for a combi cordless drill as that has the hammer action.

Keep in mind that the bigger the voltage the more power you will have. The most common choice by a very long way is the 18 volt cordless drill. I would also recommend going for the slightly bigger chuck size of 1/2" (13 mm) rather than the 3/8" size (10 mm) as that will allow you to get bigger size drill bits into the chuck.

After that it will come down to your budget and your preferred brand. If your budget allows, then also get variable speed, torque and gears as that just gives you a wider range of drilling and driving capability. I hope you found the guide useful and helpful.

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Having read this cordless drill buying guide, you should now have a much better understanding of what is available in the UK market. A good place to start your search is to do that by how much you can afford, or are willing to spend.

Below we have included links to pages on our website. These pages have picked out the best buyer rated drill/drivers by price, within a specific budget.

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